Office Planning

Office space Planning & Use Studies

Successful office interior space planning involves much more than getting the right number of people in.

At DCi we see so many buildings where furniture traders have planned the office “for free” without qualified, informed designers, sometimes with disastrous consequences – “if you think we are expensive – try using an amateur” You can read more about free design and how to avoid it on our blog page.

Getting it wrong can and will prove costly – not just financially but in unhappy staff, poor work performance, low staff retention and then the downtime and disruption of putting it right.

Getting it right in the first place will establish a rewarding and productive new work environment that will fully underpin and support the aims and objectives of the business.

Knowing how your business runs and the way your teams work together and interact is key to evaluating and planning the office space your business needs. This together with basic human physiology & ergonomics will deliver best practice excellence.

DCi spends time data gathering – observing, noting adjacency, storage, variations in work loads and responsibilities, helping you to understand your needs. This research and observations backed by tried and tested data gathering sheets produces vital information about what your people need to do their jobs and therefore GET IT RIGHT – first time, on time and once.

We collect data on everything, from storage and technology needs to break out zones and coffee stops. We’ll evaluate individual jobs, how much use your traditional boardroom gets and how long desks are actually occupied for. Do you need consultation space for clients? Could an open-plan, less formal approach serve your business needs better?We lift the lid on ideas – !!

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