Lighting Design

Most office interior designers use man made lighting solutions – an ever changing technology and an ever increasing energy cost.

We all need lighting to do our jobs and most new contemporary business premises integrate systems almost seamlessly.
Your staff need it to actually carry out their work/task but their mood and morale as well as their productivity can be adversely affected by outdated, poor or old technology lighting installations.

Flickering fluorescents, computer screen glare, poorly positioned VDT‘s too much artificial light or natural sunlight can all trigger headaches, fatigue and eye-strain, affecting performance, focus and concentration.

Well-planned & designed lighting not only helps reduce energy consumption and running costs but also enhances the interior dynamic and underpins the overall ambience of the space and the well being of its occupants.

DCi works with key lighting designers and engineers to deliver its lighting design on four key elements:

  • Ambient light
  • Task lighting
  • Circulation lighting
  • Punctuation & Theatre

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