Furniture & Furnishing

Office interior designs must be fun, comfortable, relaxing places to work. Our office space planning creates this.

Our workforce spend about a third of their lives with us adhering to 5 days a week, 8 hours a day – some commitment!

In return we have “reward systems” – wages and maybe some other benefits like paid holidays, so, knowing the new job honeymoon will be over – how do we take care to make sure our staff are happy, working at their best? What strategies or systems or values do we have in place?

When we looking at office layout we provide can we truly say it is part of our reward system – is it an environment you would want to spend not just time in but a third of your life in!!! Will it attract and retain the right people for your business?

And when it comes to break time – is the place we provide for them as good as it could be? – will they return to their workplace refreshed and relaxed? – what is good? – is it “different” enough from the office or workplace?

At DCi we know about and understand these issues and how to deliver commercial interior which supports all of your activities, your people and most importantly your unique business identity.

So, if you think its time to refurbish your office or if you are planning a move to new premises – think long and hard about trusting your precious building , a Key element in your “reward systems” to a firm who “do it for free” or “don’t charge for Design” – ask yourself –
how much is that worth?? – is it a professional approach? does it add value to every pound spent? – why is it free? – where is the money being made? – why is the design cost hidden? – you can see more about the pitfalls of free design on our blog page.

DCi do not work for nothing, we charge a fee for our design work, an initial consultation is without charge or obligation. We do not buy and sell furniture, where furniture is required we work with manufacturers and pass on to you direct discounts of up to 50% – these can and do often exceed our design fee.


“Buckminster Fuller”
All of humanity now has the option to ‘make it’, successfully and sustainably, by virtue of our having minds, discovering principles and being able to employ these principles to do more with less.”

With pressure on finances and targets to reduce carbon emissions, business premises need to run as efficiently and economically as possible.

DCi is committed to specifying and using BREEAM coded products wherever possible thus moving towards and creating sustainable interiors, sourcing environmentally-friendly, low-carbon products and materials. Alternatives range from locally-made products, through low or no-VOC items, carbon-neutral carpets to recycled alternatives to conventional wood or laminates.

Responsible, Sustainable Design – Call DCi today on 01480 458107.