Omobono is the digital agency for business brands.
Our clients are major national and international enterprises. We help them manage their digital presence both internally and externally – with customers, employees and stakeholders.

Omobono approached us June 2014 having recently moved their HQ into St Giles Hall, Pound Hill, Cambridge – an old school house circa 1860 and wanted to check they were making the most of the main open plan building and annex

Following our appointment, Stage 1 design and budgets, and with Stage 2 complete, Stage 3 work on site eventually got underway late November 2015.

5 weekend works followed by 5 weeks on site the project contractors Staverton Projects handled the difficult period of weekend working in the main open plan space very smoothly while Omobono remained fully operational – removing the board room, levelling floors , opening up one end to provide additional open plan space and additional IT infrastructure all of which was followed by the supply & installation of new desk banks and storage and a total reconfiguration of the whole desk layout

On site works moved into the now vacant open plan annex room which had previously provided space for 25 desk positions all of which had moved into the main school room as part of the overall space plan

The annex was converted exclusively into 4 new meeting rooms with an additional client greeting area and includes a new board room.
The overall design employs careful use and juxtaposition of materials and acoustic finishes to deliver professional, quiet, confidential meeting spaces

The project completed on time and on budget.